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Christ’s Church in Las Vegas

The Earth is the Lord’s, and we are His church.  Here, we preach the good news of the Gospel, that our Victorious Christ was incarnate by the Spirit, born of the virgin, lived a perfect life of obedience to God’s law, suffered and died a perfect death as the wages of sin for us, overcame death in his descent to the grave, and was raised and ascended to the right hand of our Father, there to reign over the earth and defeat His enemies until the final defeat of Hades and His glorious bodily return to reign with his saints forever on the renewed earth.  In Him, we are born, live, obey, sacrifice, suffer, and die; and in Him, we are raised to new and eternal life.  His work has been accepted by the Father, and He is well pleased to honor his claim of Lordship over the entire cosmos, for He loved this world, and His own, and he gave himself for us.  We are His bride, and so we love and submit to Him in all things, and acknowledge the validity of his law over every area of life, and press it into every sphere, making his will done on earth as in heaven.
We are His body, and so we live, learn, work, worship, feast, sing, and build families and culture together, in the Spirit.  He has justified us.  He is making us just and holy.  And we will soon be justified at the last day.  When He calls us to His house each Lord’s day, we come, praising His name and confessing all truth, and we are consecrated so that we can commune with Him at his table.  Following the covenant meal, we are blessed and commissioned to go into all the world and preach this gospel, baptizing and discipling the nations, to the ends of the earth, until He comes.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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